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April 6, 2022

What is Thérèse Nicole Events?

Thérèse Nicole Events is a company that curates bespoke events and weddings. The company covers all planning aspects for weddings, corporate events, bridal showers, sweet sixteens, baby showers, adult and children’s celebrations, and everything in between. Packages offered include full planning and design (all the client has to do is show up), as well as offering packages where they design/style aspects of the event.  

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How it all began…

As a teenager, Thérèse was heavily involved in school clubs and church where she was consistently planning events for her student body and her congregation. Once in college, Thérèse became a member of many college based organizations which required her to coordinate large scale events as well as continuing to organize church functions on a larger level. 

Even with all this experience, “I still didn’t realize that I had a true talent in this arena. It was only until I planned my sister-in-law’s baby shower that I finally realized how much I enjoyed designing and planning.”

“By this time, I was enrolled in a School Psychology doctoral program at Howard University. I had recently completed my Bachelor’s at Stony Brook University where I double majored in Psychology and Women’s Studies. My friends and family continued to encourage me to take event planning more seriously. I started out as the go-to planner for family and friends; however, in 2016 I decided to make my services more formal. Over the next few years, I developed professionally in both fields.”

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A Woman Wearing Many Hats

I would think that it’s pretty safe to say that Thérèse is driven. Let’s review the timeline – developed her skill and passion for event planning while going to school for her doctorate, received said doctorate, landed a full-time career as a School Psychologist, continues to pursue both her career and entrepreneurship simultaneously and….became a mama! 

Bringing It Full Circle

“About 4 weeks after my son was born, I was up nursing him at 3am and received a message from an industry genius, Karleen Roy. She is a mentor and coach, so it wasn’t totally surprising to hear from her. She asked me if I was available to co-produce an event with her for Amazon Studios at Howard University (my alma mater). The catch was, we only had 1 week to execute this screening. That week was challenging as my team and I did our part to bring the event together, but it was certainly a huge accomplishment and it felt like a full circle moment. After all, the last time I was in that particular building at Howard University, I was crossing the stage to receive my doctorate. Once all was said and done, it felt like I had made the grade and graduated once again.”

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Who inspires you?

“My parents. They emigrated to America from the small island of Barbados and achieved so much over the years. My mom is a Registered Nurse and has studied at one of America’s top universities (she is now retired). My dad earned an MBA and became a CPA at a time when it was difficult for black people to earn advanced degrees. But, most importantly, I love and appreciate their commitment to serving others. I am also inspired by some of the industry’s top planners such as Karleen Roy, Khadidra Muhammad and Tricia Smith Brown. I absolutely love their work and work ethic!”

Giving Back – The Helping Hans Project (THHP)

Inspired by her mother, who has a true servant’s heart and was known for offering assistance to anyone in need, Thérèse is in the process of formalizing The Helping Hans Project (THHP). THHP honors individuals who make remarkable contributions to social reform and human welfare. The project also celebrates marginalized members of society. Those who qualify for this honor will receive the party of a lifetime planned by her incredible company.

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Advice for her younger self…

“Believe in your abilities, you know more than you give yourself credit for!”

Facing challenges…

“It’s not easy juggling motherhood, entrepreneurship and a full time job as a school psychologist. However, your ability to delegate, plan, and organize is key. I keep pushing forward because of my family, particularly my children and my parents. I strive to enhance their lives in any way that I can.”

Looking towards the future…

“I see my two worlds merging (my work as a psychologist and my work as a planner). I plan to expand my brand in a way that is unique to my specific skill set.”

Favorite inspirational quote…

“Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want.” -Helen Keller-

Advice for other women…

“We are multi-faceted beings. Don’t allow others to box you in or impose a social construct on your role as a woman. Be free to live in an authentic way that honors who you are inside.” 


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