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Kristine Pires

April 20, 2022
Kristine Pires, owner of Lighter Than Air Creations

This week’s Women Warriors Wednesday highlight is Kristine Pires, owner of Lighter Than Air Creations based out of Bayville, NY. Lighter Than Air Creations specializes in balloon decor for any occasion.

Where it all began?

At a young age, Kristine had a passion for art and all of its many forms. As she got older, she turned her passion into reality and  started by painting children’s murals. Children’s murals led into children’s face painting and since then has transitioned into balloon creations. 

Kristine’s first balloon creation was for her son‘s first birthday. “I had seen some crazy balloon designs online and I said to myself I could totally do that! So, I ordered supplies and watched some YouTube videos like all DIY’er’s do … I then made my first balloon creation, which was a giant 7 foot ice cream cone! From there on the rest was history.”


“I started creating more pieces and began posting them on social networks which slowly gained the interest of parents, who were looking for balloon decor for children’s parties. From birthday parties, it stemmed out to bridal showers and everything else in between. Sometimes I look back and think if somebody were to tell me I would be doing balloon decor as a career, I would never believe them. It’s another form of art that I truly enjoy! Nothing makes me happier than seeing the smiles on my clients faces once their creation has been completed.” 

Who influenced you?

“My influence came from many outlets, but most importantly – my dad. My father used to draw and was a magician who did balloon art as well. I found myself following those same footsteps in the field of children’s entertainment.” 

Facing Challenges

“I think my most recent challenge was moving my business from Garden City South all the way out to Bayville. With the move I had to put myself out there in a new community, re-market Lighter Than Air Creations all over again and most importantly gain new clientele. It was a rocky start just like when I first started up the business, but I trusted the process and I didn’t give up. Bayville and the surrounding communities have been amazing to me and I am so grateful and thankful for their business.”

Future Plans…

Making Lighter Than Air Creations a full-time business Is Kristine’s goal. Currently work in higher education as her full-time job, the balloon business is her side gig. “I see so much potential in it and soon I’ll be ready to take it on full-time.”

Who inspires you?

“Women who are young entrepreneurs not afraid to put themselves out there.”

Advice to your younger self…

“You could do anything you set your mind to and that’s a fact!”

Inspiration for others…

“Stay focused, stay grounded, stay humble and don’t give up! Female entrepreneurs…embrace each other and help one another grow.”

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