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Cozy Fall Cheese and Charcuterie Board Pairings Guide

October 7, 2023

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As the leaves turn vibrant shades of red and gold, and a crispness fills the air, there’s no denying that fall has arrived.

It’s the season of cozy sweaters, crackling fires, and gatherings with loved ones. And what better way to embrace the spirit of autumn than by curating a warm and inviting charcuterie board that captures the essence of the season?

Picture this — a rustic wooden table adorned with a delectable array of cheeses, savory cured meats, and an assortment of seasonal delights. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through the rich, earthy tastes of fall, revealing the perfect pairings that will make your charcuterie board the centerpiece of any gathering. Get ready to elevate your autumn entertaining with the warmth and charm of cozy fall cheese and charcuterie pairings.

The Cheese Line Up


It’s mild, buttery flavor possesses a subtle hint of earthiness that complements the sweetness of fall fruits like apples and pears.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is no stranger to divided opinions, which is usually due to the noticeable blue mold that it flaunts. You either love it or you hate it. However,  there is no controversy over its bold, tangy flavor. It’s this flavoring that pairs well with honey and nuts for a savory-sweet combination.

Sharp Cheddar

The bold personality of sharp cheddar pairs excellently with dried fruits and nuts as it delivered a nice contrast in flavors. 

Here Come The Meats


The delicate, salty flavor of prosciutto pairs wonderfully with figs and melon, creating a sweet and salty balance.


Choose a spicier salami to add some heat to your charcuterie board; it goes well with pickles and mustard.

Smoked Sausage 

Smoky sausages complement the earthiness of roasted nuts and the sweetness of dried fruits.



Sliced apples provide a crisp and refreshing element. Dip them in caramel for an extra treat.


Their sweetness and slight grittiness make them a great match for softer cheeses and honey.


Fresh figs or fig preserves add a sweet and jammy quality to your board.



Their mild bitterness works well with creamy cheeses and honey.


Pecans provide a buttery, nutty flavor that complements both cheeses and meats.

Candied Nuts

Adding candied pecans or almonds brings a sweet crunch to your board.



Drizzle honey over cheeses or figs for a touch of sweetness.

Whole-Grain Mustard

This adds a tangy kick that pairs nicely with meats and cheeses.


Spiced apple or cranberry chutney can be a delightful addition, especially for Thanksgiving-themed boards.

Breads and Crackers

Baguette Slices

Serve crusty baguette slices to spread cheese and toppings on.

Rye or Wheat Crackers

These hearty options complement the flavors of fall charcuterie nicely.

Pretzel Crisps

The saltiness of pretzel crisps contrasts well with sweeter elements.

Wine and Beverages

Red Wine

Choose a red wine like a Pinot Noir, Merlot, or Cabernet Sauvignon to pair with the rich flavors of charcuterie.

Hard Ciders

Crisp apple or pear ciders match the season’s flavors perfectly.

Mulled Wine

For a warm, spiced option, consider mulled wine with cinnamon and cloves.

My Perfect Bites

Remember that the key to a great charcuterie board is balance. Mix and match these pairings to create a diverse and flavorful spread that captures the essence of fall. 

Cheese and Charcuterie Board Disclaimer

Creating a cheese and charcuterie board is an art form with no strict rules. Embrace the freedom to blend flavors, textures and colors as your imagination sees fit.  It’s the perfect canvas where your personal taste and creativity shine. Gather inspiration, but remember, there is no right or wrong way – just your own unique expression with the flavors you enjoy.  Let your creativity flow and craft a charcuterie masterpiece that’s truly your own!

share your creations with me!

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